Resale Unit

Apartment Typical Floor 142 metre + 1 parking slot
2 Master bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Service Balcony for lifting up furniture and applicances
Receptionist at the entrance of every building
The Lake View is a Mediterranean style residential complex built with State-of-the-Art City Planning. Within a resort style, lush tropical vegetating and superb landscape elements bound together to give the place its unique characteristics.
The Lake View is located in the New Cairo area on the main city center road. It covers an area of 1,250,000 meters. This project will be executed in five phases.
The Lake View is an enticing experience. From the minute you walk through the gate with the waterfall welcoming you, you can feel the relaxing atmosphere. A recreation area built on a 75,000 sq.m piece of land makes it extremely enjoyable to spend your free time in the compound.A country club with a large pool & a huge gymnasium offer the ultimate in sports pleasure
A huge Ballroom.