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Real Estate market is very wide market and you’ll need a trust full source of information to count on. Also we buyers tends to go for buying properties from the ‘RESALE’ Market because of several reasons:

  1. Ready To Move 
    • Delivered or very soon delivery which meets the living need of the buyer
  2. Value Of Money
    • More reasonable prices in comparison with the New Developments available in the time being due to the cheap prices that these resale units was sold before for today’s Sellers, And even there are some resale units available that still have a installment facility.

First you have to know your needs before you start your journey of finding a new home.

Here Are Some Advices to you before you start Making any move in selling/Buying Properties at the desired area of interest:

  1. Check the online known sites for the latest prices But Don’t Count on it 100%.
  2. Check Specialized Broker(s) in desired area of interest.
  3. Ask him about the average price for the time being.
  4. Make sure that you count on data for transactions that was actually done not only a price shown on the Internet.

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